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  1. The troupe has accomplished its work to implement the researched material in folk music and dance, into performing arts.
  2. It has accomplished the talented identification process of ethnic folk musicians and exposed them on both the international and local scenes.
  3. Material provided by the troupe has already been put on the Internet for global consumption.
  4. The troupe has widely expanded from the four founders to a Membership of 27.
  5. The troupe has produced a number of audial and video material about ethnic music, dance, drama and poetry. 
  6. The troupe has spread its influence throughout the Ugandan Schools, Educational Institutions and the general public.
  7. The troupe is strongly developing professionally in terms of public education through Performing Arts and grateful to be associated with SchoolNet Uganda .
  8. The troupe  has greatly exposed the African varieties of ethnic musical instruments,  songs and dances into the field of social research.
  9. The troupe has attained a number of awards and certificates in countries where it has performed. (Brazil, China, Djibouti)
  10.  A number of the Troupe members have represented Uganda Internationally in the field of performing arts (Canada, Europe, America, Thiland and Australia) 

Certificates Achieved