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         This is a folk dance which developed in the King's palace in Buganda Kingdom. This Kingdom is found in the central region of Uganda (East Africa). Once upon a time, the King in this Kingdom attended a party and the most important brew (beer), he enjoyed most was "TONTOMERA / OMWENGE".  TONTOMERA or OMWENGE is a local beer made from banana plantations. When this King took one, too much, he became happy and went praising those people who planted the bananas. He used the following slogans" Abaakisiimba, meaning, (Those who planted the bananas), Bebaakiwoomya, meaning, "(They made it delicious)". Then the musicians in the Kingdom created Baakisiimba dance out the King's words and relaxed  drunkard  dance movements. Nankasa is the second movement and Muwogola is the third movement of Baakisiimba.


         This also another folk dance which developed in the King's palace in Buganda Kingdom. Once upon a time King Mulondo of Buganda died and unfortunately he did not leave any Heir (prince) to succeed him. Fortunately he left a fleet of pregnant wives who were expecting to deliver. So medicine men and witchdoctors were urgently searched to find out who of these wives had a baby boy (Prince to be) in her womb. Namulondo (one of the wives who had a baby boy ) was discovered and was meant to sit on the throne on the assumption that it was not her ruling, but the baby boy in her womb. When this young king was born, he was meant to rule Kingdom as he was lying on the throne. Kings in Buganda are not supposed to cry as this would bring curses and bad-lack in the Kingdom.
     Therefore the uncles and aunties of this young King created Amaggunju Dance to dance around this young King to keep him permanently smiling. Originally It was Performed by people from the Mushroom (Obutiko) clan.


         Tamenaibuga is a dance from Busoga region in Uganda which demonstrates a sign of friendship and Unity. Once upon a time there were two great friends in Busoga. Their friendship was very intimate even to sharing all the things they acquired in life. One day they went for a drink (beer). In Busoga Gourds are used drink beer. When they took one, too many of this drink, they developed an argument which led into a quarrel and eventually a fight. The Gourd which they had used to take beer got broken. The broken gourd made matters worse and ended up separating these two great friends. The communities realized that It was very bad for friends to quarrel as this would break the friendship (unity).

     4. BWOLA
This is a royal dance from Acholi. It is an elderly dance. It is performed to entertain the King( Lwot ) in Acholi. It is both performed by males and females and it is culturally a circular dance. The circles of the dances literally act as a fence of a palace since bwola is a royal dance performed in palaces.

     This is a ceremonial dance still from Acholi region. It is performed during ceremonies like Marriage. It is mainly a courtship dance.

     This is a youthful dance from Acholi region. It is usually performed by young girls to imitate birds which fly in air. Usually these girls are of adolescent age who dance to attract the boys.

     This is a ceremonial dance from Bunyoro- Toro regions. It has the same characteristics as Larakaraka dance.

     8. AKOGO
     This is a courtship dance from Ateso region. It shares the same charateristics with Larakaraka.

     9. EKIZINO
     This is a royal dance from Kigezi region among the Bakiga people. Kigezi is one of those regions in Africa that share similar charateristics of weather conditions with European countries. Actually It is referred to as the Switzerland of Africa. So it is common to find very cold weather conditions  in Kigezi. During this cold conditions, Ekizino acts as the most appropirate warm up dance. Therefore the main purpose for its creation. Thats why the Bakiga people are very strong.

     10. GAZE
     This is a contemporary dance in West Nile region among the Lugbara People. It is a direct transformation of the dance movements of Lugbara dancing to contemporary tending towards Zairwa (Congo) styles of dancing.

     11. OWARO
     This is a ceremonial dance from Samya-Bugwe region.

     This dance comes from the Ankole region. It is an elderly dance for both men and women. It is occassionally performed to demonstrate the love of the Ankole people with their cattle. These cattle have very long horns so making the all dance aerial.

    13. AGWARA
        This is a processional dance from West Nile which gets its name from Agwaras (the local African trumpets).

    14. MWAGA
        This is a ceremonial/initiation dance among the Bagisu people in Eastern Uganda. They believe any male youth to be a man, he must be circumcised.